Pilots of Artem
November 4, 2013
The Secret King
November 4, 2010

Space Seasons is an epic LitRPG sci-fi space opera!

Killing machines. Shadow organizations. A desperate attempt to stay sane.

After failing the most important exam of his life, Kyle is forced into a VR war. Now, he fights on the front lines as cannon fodder for what he always assumed was the government, losing a little part of his memories with every virtual death. When the mission he’s on goes wrong, Kyle is stranded on a planet far from his original destination. Finally given a chance to make an impression in the organization, Kyle will have to risk his mind for a chance at salvation. If he fails, he'll lose all will to resist: making him the perfect soldier.

Winter Harvest is book one of the four book Space Seasons series, a LitRPG sci-fi space opera set on another world with mechs, spaceships, levels, and… well… pure evil.

A new, fertile world. Exposed identities. Deep debt to a Mech Lord.

After escaping with the information they needed, Kyle and his team must plan their next move. While working hard to discover many things about himself, his shipmates, and his denti body, Kyle finds not one… but three stowaways. An exotic female Kiain who helps him unlock his Kenosi potential, and a deadly Sitha mother protecting her young son. He doesn’t throw them out of the airlock, but pirate and monster infested space isn’t exactly the safest place to be raising a child. Now fully exposed to their overlords, Kyle doesn’t hold back. He places a winning bid on several top tier Mechs in an obscure part of the galaxy. The final price leaves them with a mission they can’t afford to turn down: they need to rescue the daughter of the local Mech Lord. Pitted against a heavily fortified base, they need to fight with everything they have to survive.

Available in audio

Narrated by Neil Hellegers