Puatera Online
November 4, 2015


Mark Victor was a soldier left broken after the Harmony War ended.

What can a broken ex-trooper really do? What are they good for if they’ve gone through the EMF and been tossed out the other side? If you were to ask Mark... Maybe, doing what the enemy couldn’t and following his brothers and sisters.

The Maraukian Wars Series

by Michael Chatfield & Dawn Chapman

About Michael Chatfield

A Brit living in Canada Michael Chatfield is the author of the Free Fleet and Harmony War military based space opera series.
After getting thoroughly hooked by science fiction and LitRPG, Michael turned his hand to writing in his favorite genres. Michael draws on his time spent as an Infanteer in the Canadian Military to bring a realism to his stories. To him the characters come first as he throws them into situation after situation to see how they do.
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The Tenth Awakens

Mark wakes up to a nightmare, to an unfamiliar place with unknown faces.
A planet under attack, an enemy he’s never seen before, he just wants to escape, but when he sees others in danger, a trooper stands for something, they stand to protect their own. No matter the cost.

The Vanguard Emerges

Earth and her colonies are not alone. Politics, discussions and alliances. Mark doesn’t care about any of it. When did it matters when the artillery falls and blood is spilled? All that matters is who stands beside you when blood is spilled and hell lays all around you.

An Empire is Born

Monsters, saviors, and weapons - the Vanguard don't care what they're called. Every decision Mark makes will have devastating consequences that could change the direction of the Maraukian war and humanity's path forward.

Enemies on All Sides

The game never changes, only the players do. Now a new empire will stand on the shoulders of the Vanguard, the troopers, the people of Tricticus, and the Victor Corporation. Their goal: survive and defend those they care for. By any means.

On the War Path

What was once broken can be repaired, what was lost-found. The living might never return, but the mergers never forget. This is their strength and the poison that destroys them from within. Many fight, but none come back the same. The vanguard leads from the front. That's the oath they made, the promise they kept and the call they will follow.

The Harmony War Series