Maraukian Wars
September 20, 2018
Pilots of Artem
November 4, 2013

Puatera Online.

All 8 books from the epic, multi character storyline.

Girls play games too, right?

Meet Emma, never played a game in her life and after her boyfriend cheats on her, she has two choices, lose the thousands she’s paid for his anniversary present or play the game.

The hunt for Lila is in full swing. With the help of Travoy’s guild, Maddie must reunite the three sisters for the success of her mission. Yet, side quests abound. Maddie saves a succubus and untangles more secrets about herself and the digital, but all too real, monster from her past.

Also available in audio

Read by Andrea Parsneau, Anneliese Rennie and Suzanne Barbetta