Bries Results by Dawn Chapman The Secret King
Brie’s Results
April 25, 2018
Desert Runner
April 25, 2018

Brie’s Choice


After a horrific vision, the King’s seer forces Katya and Sheve apart… all in the name of their future happiness. For in their happiness lies the future of the Aonise species…

After the explosion at the hospital, young and vibrant Katya has one thing on her mind: to carry on her late parents’ work helping sick children.

Sheve, a dedicated and relentless soldier, concentrates on his own mission to seek out a special crystal, the only thing they believe can help them defeat their mortal enemy, The Zefron.

Yet, when the Zefron attack and destroy Sheve’s base in their quest for annihilation, and Sheve’s missing, feared dead, it is Katya who never gives up in her search for the one man she truly loves.

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